Voyageurs是North West Company的雇员,该公司是一家1779–1821年间位于加拿大蒙特利尔的毛皮贸易公司,他们每天工作14个小时,历时6至8周,可以在3,100英里的步道和水路上进行货物贸易。 在公园的范围内,是西北公司在苏必利尔湖上的乔治堡,Portage尽头的夏洛特堡和三姐妹美国原住民花园的几栋重建建筑。 博物馆保存着法国定居点的文物和历史照片,地图和文件,以及从水下挖掘中回收的桦木独木舟,雪松桨和鞋类。 博物馆的收藏品还包括20世纪明尼苏达州奥吉布(Minnesota Ojibwe)艺术品的示例:桦树皮,皮革和香茅物件,饰有传统设计的花卉图案珠饰,刺绣和精致的豪猪羽毛笔。


Voyageurs is an employee of the North West Company, a fur trading company based in Montreal, Canada, between 1779 and 1821. They work 14 hours a day for 6 to 8 weeks and can trade goods on 3,100 miles of trails and waterways. Within the park, there are several reconstructed buildings in the northwestern company of Fort George on Lake Superior, the Charlottenburg and the Three Sisters Aboriginal Gardens at the end of Portage. The museum preserves artifacts and historical photographs of French settlements, maps and documents, as well as birch canoes, cedar paddles and footwear recovered from underwater excavations. The museum’s collection also includes examples of 20th-century Minnesota Ojibwe artwork: birch bark, leather and citron objects, traditionally designed with floral motifs, embroidered and delicate porcupine feather pens.



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