Louis Zamperini回到日本原谅他的前绑架者。 他在东京打断了一次1952年的巡回演讲,访问了控制着850名日本战犯的巢子监狱。 Zamperini告诉他们,“世界上最伟大的宽恕故事是十字架。只有通过十字架,我才能回到这里说出来,但我原谅你。”许多囚犯接受了Zamperini的邀请成为 基督徒。然而,路易斯最严重的折磨者,鸟,逃脱了正义。他一直躲藏到1958年,当时对日本战犯给予大赦.Zamperini于1998年再次返回日本参加奥运会仪式。他试过 与渡边睦弘见面,但是鸟拒绝了。路易写了一封给渡边的公开信,在那里他原谅了鸟,并要求他成为一名基督徒。


Louis Zamperini returned to Japan to forgive his former kidnappers. He interrupted a 1952 tour in Tokyo and visited the Nest Prison, which controls 850 Japanese war criminals. Zamperini told them, “The greatest forgiveness story in the world is the cross. Only through the cross, I can come back and say it, but I forgive you.” Many prisoners accepted the invitation of Zamperini to become a Christian. However, Louis’s most serious torturer, the bird, escaped justice. He had been hiding in 1958, when he gave amnesty to Japanese war criminals. Zamperini returned to Japan in 1998 to participate in the Olympic ceremony. He tried to meet with Watanabe Yuhiro, but the bird refused. Louis wrote an open letter to Watanabe, where he forgave the bird and asked him to become a Christian.


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