partisan这个词有几个反义词,还有一个相对较新的术语 – 后党派。这些都意味着什么?无党派:这个术语描述了政治人物在非政治问题上合作时可能属于不同派系和政党的行为,例如为慈善事业筹集资金或在本国帮助解决某些公民问题。两党:这个术语描述当选官员或公民的行为,他们在政策问题上不同意,并且当他们共同努力实现共同的政治目标时属于不同的派系或政党。在现代美国政治的重大问题上,两党派是罕见的。后党派:自2008年奥巴马总统当选以来,这一术语得到广泛使用,描述了共和党人和民主党在不放弃与政党或校长关系的情况下就政策问题达成妥协的工作。后党派的根源在于托马斯·杰斐逊总统的就职演说:“每一种意见分歧都不是原则的差异。我们用不同的名字称呼同一原则的兄弟。我们都是共和党人,我们都是联邦党人,”他说。 。 2008年竞选总统的民主党人奥巴马承诺通过拥抱共和党人和独立人士来实现这样一个后党派总统职位。他的言论在选民中引起了共鸣。 “我认为有很多共和党人,当然还有独立人士,他们对政府失去了信任,他们不相信任何人都在倾听他们,他们在医疗保健,大学教育成本不断增加的情况下蹒跚而行。”我相信政治家们所说的话。我们可以把这些独立人士和一些共和党人吸引到一个工作联盟中,为变革做多数工作,“奥巴马说。


The word partisan has several antonyms and a relatively new term – post-party. What does all this mean? Nonpartisan: This term describes the behavior of politicians who may belong to different factions and political parties when cooperating on non-political issues, such as raising money for charity or helping solve certain citizenship problems in the country. Bipartisan: This term describes the behavior of elected officials or citizens who disagree on policy issues and belong to different factions or parties as they work together to achieve common political goals. On the major issues of modern American politics, bipartisan parties are rare. Post-Party: Since the election of President Obama in 2008, the term has been widely used to describe the work of Republicans and Democrats to reach a compromise on policy issues without giving up their relationship with political parties or principals. The roots of the post-party are the inauguration speech of President Thomas Jefferson: “Every disagreement is not a difference in principle. We use different names to call the brothers of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists,” He says. . The Democrat, Obama, who ran for the presidency in 2008, promised to achieve such a post-party presidential position by embracing Republicans and independents. His remarks resonated among the voters. “I think there are a lot of Republicans and of course independent people. They have lost trust in the government. They don’t believe that anyone is listening to them. They are rushing in the context of rising health care and university education costs.” Believe what politicians have said. We can draw these independents and some Republicans into a work union and do most of the work for change,” Obama said.


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