Take notes meticulously 方法五:仔细作笔记

There are many reasons to take notes carefully in researching a paper, beginning with the admonition of your professors to do so. They have been around for an academic season or two and have read the drab texts of poorly recorded research. The drabness is from inadequate quotation, incomplete attribution, and quite evident guesswork. When a writer does not create clear notes from clearly identified sources, the paper produced will lack the sheen of scholarship.


Note-taking is not a science, nor an art. It is a process that each academic writer can master by being methodical. What method a writer chooses is up to him. But it should be consistent and clear. Example: If a source is being quoted, always use quotation marks. If it is a paraphrase with a quoted element, always ensure the quote is in quotation marks. The key takeaway in that recommendation is not “quotation marks;” it is “always.” Be consistent. Be methodical.


Carefully separate source material from personal notes about the material. Otherwise, a writer can unknowingly end up quoting himself. When interviewing someone, record the date and name of the interviewee. When drawing from books, articles, and audio and video recordings, precisely note the point of extraction. In all note-taking, be neat. And whatever else you do, don’t rely on memory. The time between research and writing can wipe memory clean, or mangle it.




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