Pickle,默认情况下是Python库的一部分,当用户会话需要持久性时,它是一个重要的模块。 作为一个模块,pickle提供了在进程之间保存Python对象。 无论您是在数据库,游戏,论坛还是其他必须在会话之间保存信息的应用程序进行编程,pickle都可用于保存标识符和设置。 pickle模块可以存储诸如布尔值,字符串和字节数组,数组类型,列表,字典,函数等数据类型。 注意:酸洗的概念也被称为序列化,封送和扁平化。 但是,这一点始终是相同的 – 将对象保存到文件供以后检索。 酸洗通过将对象写入一个长字节流来完成。


Pickle, which is part of the Python library by default, is an important module whenever you need persistence between user sessions. As a module, pickle provides for the saving of Python objects between processes. Whether you are programming for a database, game, forum, or some other application that must save information between sessions, pickle is useful for saving identifiers and settings. The pickle module can store things such as data types such as booleans, strings, and byte arrays, lists, dictionaries, functions, and more. Note: The concept of pickling is also known as serialization, marshaling, and flattening. However, the point is always the same—to save an object to a file for later retrieval. Pickling accomplishes this by writing the object as one long stream of bytes.


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