Haile Selassie于1892年7月23日出生于Lij Tafari Makonnen,他是Makonnen Wolde-Mikael Gudessa和Yeshimebet Mikael。 Makonnen是埃塞俄比亚军队和哈拉尔省省长的将军,也是埃塞俄比亚皇帝孟尼利克二世的堂兄。在埃塞俄比亚的王朝传统中,所有的统治者都将他们的祖先追溯到孟加拉一世,后者是所罗门王的儿子和示巴女王的穆达。塔法里早年就知道,他在法国传教士的家中受过教育,并且从各方面来说都是一位具有强大批判性思维能力的优秀学生。当他十三岁时,塔法里获得了Dejazmach的头衔,相当于Count。一年后,在1906年,塔法里的父亲去世了,他担任了Sindamo和Selale省的名义上的州长。虽然他还是一个青少年,但这些地区的规模很小,这意味着他在担任州长期间仍有时间继续接受教育。到1910年,在皇帝孟尼利克二世去世后,他被任命为哈拉尔的州长。据称,在此期间,他与一位名叫Woizero Altayech的女子结婚;学者们认为Altayech可能是个绰号。虽然他们工会的细节很少,但众所周知,他此时成为了一个女儿的父亲,公主Romanework。 1911年,塔法里与Menen Asfaw结婚,最终他有六个孩子。梅嫩是Lij Iyasu的侄女,他是埃塞俄比亚王位的无冕继承人。


Haile Selassie was born on July 23, 1892 in Lij Tafari Makonnen, who is Makonnen Wolde-Mikael Gudessa and Yeshimebet Mikael. Makonnen is the general of the Ethiopian army and the governor of the Harar province and the cousin of the Ethiopian emperor Menelik II. In the Ethiopian dynasty tradition, all rulers traced their ancestors to Bangladesh I, the son of King Solomon and Muda of the Queen of Sheba. Tafari knew early on that he was educated at the home of a French missionary and was an excellent student with strong critical thinking skills in every respect. When he was thirteen, Tafari won the title of Dejazmach, which is equivalent to Count. A year later, in 1906, Tafari’s father died and he served as the nominal governor of the provinces of Sindamo and Selale. Although he is still a teenager, the size of these areas is small, which means that he still has time to continue his education while he is the governor. By 1910, after the death of Emperor Monnique II, he was appointed governor of Harald. During this time, he was allegedly married to a woman named Woizero Altayech; scholars believe that Altayech may be a nickname. Although the details of their union are few, it is well known that he became the father of a daughter, Princess Romanework. In 1911, Tafari married Menen Asfaw and eventually he had six children. Menen is the niece of Lij Iyasu, the innocent heir to the throne of Ethiopia.


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